Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning is a reliable imaging device that uses electromagnetic waves to scan concrete buildings, bridges and other structures to detect depth and variations/targets within the structure or to locate hidden anomalies (ie. water pipes, wires, etc.) prior to drilling, cutting or coring.


    Services we offer are Concrete & Asphalt Sawing, Wall Sawing, Wire Sawing and Curb Sawing.

    Concrete & Asphalt Sawing

    Concrete & Asphalt cutting and sawing can be done to new or existing concrete, roads or driveways which need to be removed or when adding on to existing roads or structures.

    Wall Sawing

    Wall Sawing is used to cut an opening in concrete walls. This can be done without damaging the structural integrity of the existing concrete (reinforced concrete, precast, brick, or cinderblock) for openings for doors, windows, ducts, pipes, vaults, or for removing existing walls.

    Wire Sawing

    Wire Sawing is equipment that uses diamond wire or cable for specialty cutting. This is an innovative and efficient way to cut through thick or deep concrete structures. We also have the ability to make circler openings.

    Curb Sawing

    Curb Sawing is used for residential or commercial driveways to make horizontal cuts at different angles for barrier wall removal or driveways, wheelchair ramps or parking lot modifications.


    Concrete Drilling is used in concrete walls or floors and can be drilled straight or on an angle to any depth. Coring is used for plumbing and electrical lines, water drain holes, anchor bolts or lifting rods and large diameter water lines (ie. Precast & Concrete Drilling, Test Hole Drilling, Rock & Dam Drilling, Large Diameter Concrete Core Drilling).

    We have the ability to drill virtually any size drill hole which can range from ¼” to 48” diameter at any depth.


    We utilize our Hydraulic Rock/Concrete Splitters for demolition in removal of small and large structures such as slab on grade for pits, bases, or service trenches.

    Power and flexibility when and where you need it for the following types of jobs:

    • Excavating
    • Interior demolition
    • Pilings
    • Retaining walls
    • Staircases
    • Landings
    • Mezzanines
    • Parking garages
    • Basements
    • High rise demolition
    • Pool decks
    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Bank vaults
    • Columns


    We use a ride on Floor Scarper for Commercial and Industrial flooring demolition. We can remove material such as carpet, VCT, ceramic tile, other tile types, hardwood and linoleum.